Lovell breaks 29-year-old Heptathlon Record

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One of the county’s longest standing records has fallen to an athlete who wasn’t born when her predecessor - Worthing’s Debbie Wolgar - set a Heptathlon best of 5380 points in 1989.

Sussex athlete Elise Lovell (Havant), travelled to Florence, Italy for the IAAF Combined Events Multistars Challenge. There she ran 14.24s for the 100H, High Jumped a 1.66m personal best, put the shot out to 10.09m, ran a 24.99s 200m, Long Jumped 6.00m, threw the javelin out to 34.58m and rounded off the competition with a 2:20.81 800m to achieve 5400 points, adding 50 points to her previous PB and breaking Wolgar’s record by 20. Lovell was 15th overall.

American Erica Bougard made history by becoming the first US heptathlete to win the Multistars title. The Mississippi native scored 6327 to beat compatriot Alexandria Gochenour by 254 points.