Masters Track & Field

The Sussex Masters Track & Field Championships normally takes place on the first weekend in June. It is open to male and female athletes aged over 35 years. The full range of Track & Field competition is provided and athletes are awarded medals based on their age group placing, for example a V35 is aged 35-39, a V50 is aged 50-54.

For the past few years this competition has been run in conjunction with Surrey Athletics Association.

At a regional level Masters competitions are organised by the Southern Veterans Athletics Association SCVAC and the Veterans Athletic Club VAC and at a national level by The British Masters Athletics Federation BMAF.

SCVAC and BMAF set standards for their Championships. The Standards are to serve two purposes, the first is to ensure that medals are earned, not given for 'showing up', which then demeans the merit of the Gold Medal. The second and more important is that it should set athletes a goal.

SVAC Standards

BMAF Standards