Another Gold Medal for Richards

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On a very good day for racing Ian Richards of Steyning, after his 3 Golds in Malaga, easily retained his Sussex Men’s 10,000m race walking title at Broadbridge Heath on Saturday, in 55:18.8s. Although in a slower time than last year, after receiving a couple of warnings early on in the race, he finished well clear of fellow 70 year old Paul Gaston (Surrey Walking Club) who clocked 67:59.1s.

The championship was held in conjunction with the Jeff Slater race following its cancellation back in March because of the “Beast from the East” and taking third place in the race was Stuart Maidment (Steyning) in 68:36.5s.

The best performance of the day was by U20 Eva Payton-White of Lewes AC, who in her first race over 10Kms started steadily and finished very strongly, overtaking 3 other walkers in the final 2kms of the race to win the Women’s Title in 67:37.3s ahead of Steyning’s Anne Jones (W60).


The Sussex Half-marathon results, which were held in conjunction with Barnes Green event on Sunday will not be available for several days but the Sussex runners did fill the first three places of the Open race with Neil Boniface (Crawley) chalking up a clear victory over fellow M40 athlete  James Baker (Chichester)  clocking 70:21s to 72:30s.

James Turner (Brighton & Hove) filled third place in 73:16s while Dani Tarleton (Arena 80) was thought to be the first woman to finish in 41st place in 86:35s.